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Spark plug wire terminal ID.


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Please forgive the intursion, as I am not a Chevrolet guy. I had bought a nice box of early ignition parts, mostly for the Dodge Brothers ignition rotors that were in there, and in going through the box I found these spark plug wire terminals. I am just trying to identify what they are from so I make sure to lable them properly, I am thinking mid-1920's? Also is there a call for the originals or are these being reproduced? Thanks for your time and help, it is appreciated.

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I am a 1933 Chevrolet own and the original 1929 - 34 and possibly later brass spark plug terminals are a push-on type.

I am not real familiar with the early pre 1929 4 cylinder Chevrolets, but I have the following info from an Early 4 cylinder Master Parts Manual. For the "SUP., U, C, N" it lists a "Spring Terminal and Nut (Series K, M, R, V, X)"

In the front of the manual it lists the following:

Superior series K is 1925 and 1926 Cars.

Superior series M is the 1925 Utility Express.

Superior series R and X are the 1926 Utility Express.

Superior series V is 1926 and 1927 Cars

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Guest rednwhitenblue

Those Chevy Bow Tie terminals were being reproduced in the 80's +We were getting them from a company where they were made in Mexico ans I guess the company went out of business in the late 90's. We are a ignition wire manufacturer and we are currently reproducing allot of brass and copper terminals for car / trucks/ tractor/ and antique stationary equipment for the restorers as well as the catalog industry. We would be interested in purcashing these terminals for patterns for reproduction. our web site is RJ&L Obsolete Automotive Fasteners & Vintage Wiring Supplies.

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