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Flexible fuel line fix


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It seems the short distance between the pump ( glass bowl) and line from the tank on Lincolns ( not Continentals) makes it almost impossible to use a replacement hose with out it kinking. This is the case for both my '46 and '48. After trying 2 different replacement hoses I finally modified one by cutting the center section of the hose out leaving about 1" of hose on either end on the fittings. Made a loop of 1/4" copper tubing and slipped into the hose section on both fittings. A small clamp can be used altho mine works with out leaking due to the very snug fit on the copper tubing. The material used for these replacement hoses just isn't flexible enough to make the tight loop necessary to hook up the gas line to the fuel pump. You can thread a piece of 1/4' fuel hose over the tubing before inserting the ends into the fittings to give it a more original look.


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