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1930 desoto ck sedan four door

Guest steve n

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looking for clum switch and steering collum all there and info on manuals

The Clum switch was standard for most Chrysler products from about 1929 through 1932...give or take a year. You might check in with the guys at the WPC Club for the column. I am not sure if any Plymouth, Dodge or Chrysler steering column will interchange. There were a lot of different lengths. As far as manuals go...if they are like Dodge (which I believe they were) the only manual you will find is an "Instruction Book" and possibly a "Parts Book" usually found on ebay. I know of no actual "Mechanic's" or "Shop Manual" that shows how to "do it all". The Instruction Book will cover adjustments and some removal/assemble stuff...not much. A DeSoto guy may shed some more light on the subject. By the way...if you do find a Clum 9150 in ANY condition, get it if you can. Even the parts are hard to find. Apparently, grease from the steering column would weep down into them rendering them useless (until cleaned).



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