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Email contact: memrylane@yahoo.com

Sadly due to health reasons we will be closing our classic car museum. We have enjoyed every minute of the past 11 years but find that we will no longer be able to keep the museum going. I am sending this information which may be used (or edited) in any way for publication or if you would like an interview we would be happy to visit with you. I would be happy to send photos and the website will be updated in the next few days to show this information as well as new photos.


If you have an interest in visiting a classic car museum and visiting with its very unique owner you should plan your trip soon. Scotty’s Classic Car Museum, 69 Highway, Arma, Kansas is being offered for sale. For slightly under $500,000 you can acquire the contents of the museum which includes 10 vehicles, 40 neon signs, 10 bicycles, 16 pedal cars,7 gas pumps, 2 coke machines, 14 mannequins, lighted signs, coke, Pepsi and NASCAR collectibles, clocks, thermometers, dolls, entire gift shop, and thousands of display items including hundreds of diecast cars and banks (Franklin & Danbury Mint, Action, RC, Xonex and others). The collection contains a huge Ford Dealership Neon Sign and Neon Clock that was in the original dealership since 1916. The contents of the museum can be purchased by contacting the owners, Scotty or Phyllis Bitner (620-249-9333 or 620-249-5555) www.scottysclassiccars.com The contents will only be sold as a package and will not be pieced out. The Bitners spent 40+ years collecting these items. The real estate which includes the museum and a beautiful unique home is for sale through Sandy Emerson of Coldwell Banker, Pittsburg, Ks. (620-231-4370) www.jimbishop.com

Scotty & his wife, Phyllis, designed, built and have maintained the home and museum operation since 1999. There is no charge to visit the museum and the Bitner’s offered their vast collection for public viewing as a community service. They worked with the local Convention and Visitors Bureau to attract volumes of visitors to the area. The museum was a hot spot for bus tours since there was no charge to visit. Visitors were greeted with refreshments and snacks and could visit with the owners who loved to share their knowledge of the history of the automobile industry and hear their fascinating stories.

Scotty has had a love for cars since a young child. Scotty’s dad had a garage in the back yard of their home and worked on people’s cars. At the age of 13 (1951) he went to work after school for a local car dealer. He had 4 cars on the lot. In 1973 he started his own business. It was in an old box car looking mess that he rented. After a year he moved to 11<SUP>th</SUP> and Broadway, Pittsburg where the business continues to operate under the direction of his oldest son, Mike.

“When I was a kid I had a 1947 Hudson and every night I put $1 worth of gas and three quarts of oil in it.

Scotty, his dad (Joe) and his son (Mike) were all stockcar racers. Scotty’s old racing uniform is on display at the car museum along with his racing trophies. Those items are not included in the sale. Scotty and a friend owned and managed the 69 Speedway oval track in Pittsburg, Ks. He raced in Springfield, Joplin, Nevada, Neosho and several other small tracks in the formative years for NASCAR. He raced in Springfield with Mark Martin. Scotty never made it to the NASCAR level in stock car racing but continues to enjoy the sport and enjoys a yearly trip to Daytona for the season opener (Daytona 500).

Two sons, Mike & Jody worked at the car lot during their high school years. Mike began working fulltime after graduation and currently owns the business. Scotty also has a daughter, Kay.

Scotty retired from the car business in 1998 and opened museum in 1999. This has been a hobby for over 40 years. Scotty and his wife, Phyllis had collected throughout the years and wanted to share their vast collection in some way. A classic car museum seemed to be the best idea. The museum is named after their grandson, Scotty Michael Bitner, who died in 1993.

He says his best and worst car in the museum is the 1938 Ford Club Cabriolet which is now a showpiece. The car was literally in a basket in pieces. He restored it and after doing some research has only been able to find 5 similar cars in existence.

Another unusual & unique piece is a 4 piece Cities Service set which includes a Graco Chassis Lube, Waster Lube, Vacuum and Gera Lube which has been completely restored and is in working condition.

Cars from the 50s seem to be the most popular in the museum. They had great colors and personality.

Scotty is a true historian. He works very hard to research and restore his cars to their original condition and is interested in preserving the complete history of the automobile industry.

Scotty has also been active in restoring the community of Franklin, Kansas which is his wife’s hometown. It was destroyed by a tornado in 2003. He has helped with the preservation and restoration of historical items which were salvaged as well as building a picnic shelter at the new Community Park.

He loves to work with the schools and children of all ages come to the museum for tours. One particular highlight was the Class of 20??? who came to the museum in period costumes for their senior photos. It was an exciting day seeing a busload of graduating seniors step off the bus in zoot suits, poodle skirts, leather jackets and other unique 50s costumes.

Local kids know where to come if they want to talk cars, need air in their bicycle tires or just want to look and ask questions. Scotty enjoys visiting with the kids and is always glad to see their interest in the history of the 50s and 60s.

Scotty and his wife feel that historical items need to be preserved for future generations to study and enjoy We try believe a quote that we have heard “How can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been.”

Scotty has been in the automobile industry for over 60 years, an owner/manager in the automobile industry over 30 years, an owner/manager of the Classic Car Museum, an experienced appraiser, a licensed Kansas dealer, a collector car owner for 50+ years, a member of KIADA (Kansas Independent Automobile Dealers Association, a member of NIADA (National independent Automobile Dealers Association, a member of KMA (Kansas Museums Association), a member of Kansas State Historical Society, a member of National Trust for Historic Preservation and a member of NAAM (National Association of Automobile Museums).


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Guest ken bogren

The email link in the first post doesn't work. Here is another try.


We visited Scotty's earlier this year and had a fun time chatting with them about their cars and memorabilia and memories.

If you go to their website you'll see that the place is full of cool cars and stuff. It's sad to see it close, hopefully the collection might be kept together.

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