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56 Olds 88 4 Dr HT

Guest EightEight

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Guest EightEight

I have a 1956 Olds 88 4 Dr HT - Looking to decode my data plate:

Style No. 56-3639

Body No. 8W 2792

Trim No. 349

Paint: S70-60


Anyone who can decode this - I would appreciate the information.

Thank you.

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Not an expert on the '56s, so please correct me if I'm wrong (or, confirm if I'm right).

The Auto Color Library lists code 70 as Turquoise Poly (metallic), and code 60 as Alcan White; would image that as usual, the darker color (first number) is the body below the trimlines, and the rear quarter and trunk, and the second number (lighter color here) is the roof and body above the chrome trim from the cove on up. The S in front of the first number is indicative of the two-tone paint job on the body as well; if there were not an S listed, then only the roof would be a different color than the body, which with the lack of an S, would be all of one color both above and below the cove/trimlines.

I would also suspect that the W denotes a car built in Wilmington, Delaware; the VIN number would indicate that letter as well, as it would the lone letter that would be after the 56 (year) and the body style (which I believe would be an 8 if it's a Super 88). Double-check to make sure that the "8" before the W is actually a "B"; I would suspect that it is.

The 36 should denote an 88; the 39 should indicate a Holiday (harttop) Sedan (4-door).

The number 2792 would indicate it's the 2792th vehicle of that type (as you say, a 4-door hardtop) to be built at that plant (again, suspecting it is Wilmington, DE).

I don't know what the 349 trim is, but given the outside colors, would venture to say that the interior is of a blue motif?

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