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transmission question


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ok, so, the 48 has a bad gear, and they want $1500 in labor to look at it and replace the parts, they say it has to be taken up through the floor of the car, does this seem plausable? is it to expensive? bear in mind I have to buy any and all parts.

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Transmission repair is NOT a trivil task in these cars! There are two ways to go:

1. Remove the engine and transmission from the car as a unit, fix the transmission and re-install the assembly as a unit.

2. Remove the rear axle and pull the transmission up through the floor, inside the car. This usually requires removing the front seat for working room and to avoid damage to the upholstery.

There is NO easy way. With labor costs approaching (or exceeding) $100 per hour, it can become VERY expensive!

Good Luck!

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Guest nasmith

I recently put a new low/reverse slider in my '40 LZ transmission. I chose to back out the rear end and lift the transmission up through the floor. It was fairly easy, but time consuming. It was made easier by using my engine hoist to lift the transmission out and back in. My only expense was for the gear, gaskets and new lubricant - less than $200.


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My problem is, that I do not have the facility or the ability to do the work, I can do a lot of minor stuff, but, nothing like this? You wouldnt happen to know anyone who does not have a shop and knows what they are doing and would like to make some cash?

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