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Guest 46 Connie Coupe

Won't tell you you're wrong - you are right!

Open door - under dash courtesy lights at the left and near the clock turn on (can also be turned on with slide switch under dash near clock).

Dome light and trunk light both turn on using slide switch on the pillar behind passenger door. The light for the trunk does not use a trunk switch (which required clarification in the era's Lincoln Service notes so owners would stop complaining light didn't turn on when trunk was opened).

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thank you 46 connie its good to get confermation and know what is saposta happen when i do somthing. i hope i get this car on the road befor i die. it seems the more i get into it the more i want to fix to make it road safe and wearthy.well onward we go thanks again. oh by the way do you know how maney 47 coups they made and what size tires they came with ?

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Total production for years 1940 and 1941 are real close to the production figures for the 1947 model year. My reference book doesn't give specific model numbers for 1947 however, the club coupe figures for 1940 and 1941 are probably real close to those for 1947. The club coupe numbers for '40 were 3500 units and the '41 club coupe numbers were 3750 units. You can tell what number club coupe( off the production line) your car was by the last few digits of the body tag next to the patent plate on the fire wall.

All Lincolns from '42 to '48 came equipped with 7.00x15 tires.

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