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Wannted: 1957 buick ball joint


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BOB <BR> I assume you have the 4 from the car. It took me 2 yrs to find the upper ones, but no luck on the lowers. After much searching i found that most exchange/rebuilders use a metal epoxy to rebuild them,this was not good enough for me! You need to get in touch with RARE PARTS INC. IN CALIFORNIA they machined new ball and sockets for mine<BR> and work great. They are not cheap but well worth the money, unfortunatly i don't have the phone number,but you can ask and someone should have it.

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I JUST PURCHASED ALL 4 TODAY FROM JIM AT BUICK SPECIALIST. COST WAS $850. My mechanic checked with RARE PARTS and their price was higher. Buick Specialists phone number is 253-852-0584. They are a great source for just about everything Buick. Wish these particular parts weren't so expensive!!

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