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1932 LaSalle V8

Guest solovolvo

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Guest solovolvo

Does anyone know where I can find a pair of cylinder heads for a 1932 LaSalle? The Rt cylinder head on my car is cracked beyond repair. The crack was filled with JB weld and body putty and painted. I thought it was just low on water at time of purchase but after filling and driving it was evident that I got the shaft. I have attached pictures because 32 has the water neck in an odd location.

Thanks all



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Guest Silverghost

Sorry for your trouble.

That's some big & nasty crack.

It looks like the engine was subjected to freezing !

Was the water leaking from this crack area?

Are you sure that the engine block is not also cracked ?

What about the other cylinder head ?

I hate to see folks in our hobby get "Stuck" like this !

I would go back to the guy who stuck you with this and ask/demand that he pay for parts and repair labor.

In my opinion that type of repair and cover-up was an outright fraud.

Threaten to take him to small claims court.

The body putty on top of the JB Weld Epoxy was a nasty trick !

I hope you find no more issues and find your needed cylinder head soon !

Best of Luck !

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