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Marvel Mystery Oil


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I've heard many say they use Marvel Mystery Oil as a gas additive, and it was suggested I do the same for my '60's Plymouths to prevent carb gunk build-up and other issues in the tank. Why should I do this? And how much each time? After a carb rebuild, my mechanic says I need to add nothing to my gas. Pros/Cons please

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Guest billybird

Years ago we had gas. Now our cars run off of "liquid chemical compounds" { my terminology }. I refused to use any MMO for years untill recently. Gas composition now; mainly Ethanol, attacts the old car systems in more ways than one. But thats another subject. In short I now use MMO in both my old cars and see much smoother running, less float sticking, etc. The amount to use is subjective. Amounts are suggested on the can, but I always just "pour in a little" periodically. Not too much though as the car may smoke. Having seen the difference, I now believe in MMO.

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Guest De Soto Frank

MMO has been around since the early 1920's.

Used in moderation, it is not harmful.

I add 4 oz to each 10 gallons(per label recommendations) of gasoline in my old, carbureted cars.

Modern ethanated fuels are garbage, but most of us have little choice.

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