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I.D. this large air pressure wiper motor

Pete Phillips

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Trico-Folberth manufacturer, "air pressure wiper motor", has patent dates in 1922 and 1927. The motor has about a 2" diameter and is about 6-7 inches long. I have a feeling it might be for a 1950 Mack truck, as it came out of the estate of a man who had one, but he also restored large Packards and Cadillacs of the 1930s.

Anyone have an idea of its application? Seems to work okay.

Thanks for any help.

Pete Phillips

Sherman, Texas


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Guest Silverghost

It looks like an early truck wiper motor to me~

Few, if any autos used pressure systems~

Most were vacuum systems.

An antique truck restorer/collector here on this site may need it !

Good Luck !

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