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R~R Shock Judging ?

Guest Silverghost

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Guest Silverghost

My American Springfield Rolls~Royce 1927 Phantom I came from the Sprigfield Mass. factory with front mounted friction style shock absorbers.

When I found this great Classic barn-fresh it had lever hydraulic shocks installed on the front dumb irons using the exact same mounting holes. It was obvious they had been installed many years ago with the proper R~R supplied linkages.

My Question~

If I ever show this R~R Phantom I at an AACA or CCCA show~

Will I receive point deductions because of the hydraulic front shocks not being on the car ?

I have been able to find & buy the proper friction units at great cost


The car drives much better with the hydraulic units now installed !

I discussed the hydraulic shocks with my R~R friend & expert the late John De Campi who wrote the great book "Rolls~Royce In America"

He is considered one of the top Springfield R~R experts.

He old me that in 1928 Rolls Royce Sringfield in fact started using the hydraulic shocks that are now on my car.

He also stated that it was a Rolls~Royce of America Inc. policy to offer upgrages to Silver Ghost & Phantom I owners when they deemed them an improvement !

He also stated that long-time

Rolls~Royce Spingfield service manager Arthur Souter , who was a good friend of John',until his passing,

told him that the hydraulic shock upgrade was a common event at this time at the R~R factory & it's service dealer network.

(Arthur Souter later wrote the book "The American Rolls~Royce" about Rolls~Royce Of America Inc. and his service experiences throughout the years there from the time the plant started opertions, and he was one of the very first hired, until he was the very last empoyee there when they ceased operations in Springfield Mass.!

John showed me the P I roadster of Allen Swift which had the very same hydraulic shocks installed !

Allen Swift was 100 years old and still owned & drove his Phantom I until his passing.

Allen Swift was given the R~R new by his father as a graduation present !

He was considered to be the longest and oldest original owner of a Rolls~Royce Springield !

The car was at many R~R car shows and was driven on a very regular basis and was never ever restored.

The great roadster and Allen looked Super !

I met him a few years ago & saw his great Picadilly Roadster !

Should I keep the hydraulic units & links installed or replace them with the friction unts ?

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Theoretically, you will receive a deduction for anything that is not as it could have come from the factory. If the shocks were a factory authorized dealer installed option, you will be OK. As a practical manner, if they look right, many judges will not know and will not take any points. I have absolutely no experience with Rolls Royce so I will probably never be judging in your class.

To avoid any loss of points, make sure it is as it could have come from the factory. If it were my car, I would probably not worry about it. Sometimes you do things knowing that you might lose points but you do it anyway. Only you can decide how you want to proceed. Good Luck.

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