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Disc Wheel Stripes


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I am down to striping the disc wheels.. We have three sets of wheels, the Disc, Wires, and Artillery. The Disc set needs the multiple sets of stripes. I can see in many factory photos about where the stripes must go... At least that seems to be easy to figure out... But certainly would like input from others.

HOWEVER, I am curious as to how it was done originally... Think about it, FOUR stripes all must be a very true circle and with absolute accuracy and maintain distance from the others.

Anyone care to comment?

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Guest dougklink

Sure. As a guy who does gold lead and striping on the fire trucks I restore, I'd bet they had a plate that spun, like a record player. Set the disk down on it, turn it on, and lay your dagger brush down with a steady hand. Easy. You could also do it on the car by spinning the wheel, but that would be harder.

Doug Klink

Estes Park, CO

1936 1407 V-12 5 Passenger Sedan

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