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Component location(s), 1988 Reatta


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Have just acquired a 1988 reatta, and am having trouble with some items on it. The turn signals and 4 way hazard flashers do not work, however, the indicator lights on the cluster do light up. Turn and 4 way flashers? The horn is also inoperative. Ideas? I'll still need to check out the cruise system, trunk latch/pulldown, and trunk key lock assembly, headlight motors, a/c system, and a couple other items. I might possibly have some future questions about those areas. I'm also going to need a power window switch (left side just plain worn), and a power mirror switch Also a lot of wear). Is there a place to go to decode the "trunk" tag located in the spare tire well? Also will need sunvisors repaired/recovered, or nice used ones. Thanks for your answers and time. David (Woodville-Huntsville, Al).

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Wow, that's too many questions for one post.

Start by going to reattta.net and go to the documentation page and register to be able to get to the field service manuals. FSM

Use the one for 1989 as it is almost identical to the 88 except it has a keyless entry system, different glove box design and how the cooling fans run.

The go to reattaowner.com and there are a bunch of tutorials and information galore on how to diagnose and fix a lot of the common problems.

Find the fuse panel, access panel is on the right side of the console in the passenger's footwell and start checking.

If the fuses don't solve the problems the next step is to check the relays.

When they don't do the trick you need to check the common ground points and power points and fuseable links.

When none of that works, we can get into the wiring harnesses and splices.

Hope you've got some tools, a DVM and lots of time and patience.

Welcome to the house.

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Is there a place to go to decode the "trunk" tag located in the spare tire well?

Check Here

Could you also include the interior/exterior colors of your car in your signature (to create a signature, click "User CP". Then under "Settings and Options" on the left hand sidebar, click "Edit Signature")? That will help in finding your visors. Although you can probably get them recovered pretty easily.

Welcome to this diseased cult. ;):D

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Mc_Reatta, Thanks much for the information regarding access to the FSM, etc. All fuses have been checked, both in the inner fuse panel, as well as the underhood relay center. All check out OK. I'll get on the relays and grounds tomorrow. Fuse links also checked out OK. This car has been sitting for about a year, so grounds may indeed be a problem. The PO was unable to get it to run, but I found and replaced a failed crank position sensor. Was installed wrong, with improper gap/clearance.

NCReatta, I have edited the signature to reflect the interior/exterior colors of the two Reattas.

Thanks again to all. David.

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