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1966 Wildcat parts


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Need the following, need not be perfect but as nice as possible. A couple of folks have offered up parts but as of yet I still need the below listed. PM me with what you have. I'm trying to get this stuff together before the snow flies here in Pa.

rear qtr extension chrome pieces (both corners around the tail lights)

Wildcat trunk emblem (the written one)

Wildcat qtr emblems (the written ones)

heater/AC dash assembly

radio (as long as it works and has knobs etc)

passenger side wheel opening molding

2 rear Buick floor mats (black)

I'm sure there will be more. Just pulled it out of a barn late in Aug. Real barn find, was in there since 1999, Wildcat 2dr htp, arctic white with super black interior.


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Mike - the script for quarters at least was a carry-over from 1965, so you can broaden the search. Later in the model year it changed to individual block letters. That way, you know you may be able to find the scripts from someone with a '65.

What that means is that your car is an "early" production '66 Wildcat. I'm not sure when the change to block letters was made. My Wildcat was built in December 1965 and has the scripts.

Which seat does your car have? There would be buckets or notch back (fold down arm rest) available for sure...I'd have to check whether a full bench was available in the Wildcat, but I don't think so. We'd love to see photos of your car.

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Hi Guys

I don't know if this will help, but if you google www.hammondsoldcars and look at the Buick

cars, he has a 1966 wildcat 2dr and a bunch of older 1950's buicks also. They are located in Broken Bow Ne. It is northwest of Grand Island Ne. They have quite a bit of old cars listed all brands.There is a phone number on the site as well. From what i hear they like to sell the whole cars and not part them out but it don't hurt to ask. Hope this helps

John Nichols

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