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find site to get copy of window sticker

Guest HRT89

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Does anyone know how to get a copy of the original window sticker of a car? We recently purchased a 1989 Buick Reatta and someone said if you have a VIN # you can get a copy of the sticker. I can't find the right site online. Any help would be appreciated. (I'm new to this site, so already posted on Buick Reatta discussion thread before realizing there was a general discussion thread.)

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Guest DonRich90

I've never heard of being able to obtain a copy of a factory window sticker. I have seen some advertisements where a vendor can make a window sticker for your vehicle but you have to supply them with all of the information that you want on the sticker (options, prices, etc). It's a generic stucker (not factory) that can be used at shows just to show the options on your car.

If you do find a site that can dublicate the original sticker with all of the info, let us know.


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An exact copy of a car’s window sticker (or MSRP label) is only available for some cars. There are just a few suppliers specializing in these. While an exact may not ve available for your car, it might be possible to have a reproduction window sticker made. It certainly helps (and is required by the suppliers listed below) to have original paperwork (a build sheet).

In the case of GM cars, GM Heritage Center may be able to supply you with the build sheet, which can then be used to make a reproduction.

For Ford owners, production databases for cars produced between 1967 and 1973 are owned by Marti Auto Works, which produces replacement window stickers as part of their “elite” research package.

General Motors and Chrysler enthusiasts can get a window sticker produced by Triple A Enterprises. They can supply these for 1959-80 Corvette, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Other GM vehicles include the 1981 St. Louis-built Corvettes, Cadillac Allantes and 1964-70 and some 1986-87 Buicks.

Corvettes newer than 1980, which were made in Bowling Green, Kentucky, can contact the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green to obtain a window sticker.

Pontiac Historic Services recently began offering 1961 and up Pontiac window stickers through their website. These would be similar to the stickers offered by Triple A, but better because they have access to additional dealer database information through Pontiac and, in some cases, can provide more accurate dealer information

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