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Frame restoration

Guest Fitz

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Yes, it's like a chevy one, but there is "some" modification to make this frame work for a Pontiac, like the front crossmember, handbrake linkage hook, side transmission mount support, and on the steer axle a engine mount support is added.


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I have to say this frame is not the original one, mine is a 53 (54), and in 2007 i bought a similar frame that I tought it was the same series but it was a 49-52 series and I tought 49-54 was identical, now I can tell 49-52 are the same and 53-54 are from another style, look mostly the same but they are not. Back to my house, and place the 2 frame beside each other to realized that they are not identical. OK I knew the frame was from a Chevy, so I had to change some park brake bracket and the exhaust support, but I had to change also the curve of the frame. 3 long years, to acheive the finishing result. The original frame was too rusty to do anything with.

Here some picture of the "correction" of the new frame.

thanks for watching.












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Is this a Canadian car or US model? Definitely not original if US since all Pontiac's had a X-brace while Chevrolet did not except for convertible models between 1940-1957 and tubular X on all models from 1958-1964. Pontiac had an X frame on all models (except Canadian cars) since the 1930s on to 1957 then like Chevy went to tubular X in 1958 but only until 1960.

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