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1946 Fleetmaster question

Guest Firstcityfireman

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Guest Firstcityfireman

Hey folks, I have a 46 Fleetmaster 2 door and I am looking for some background info on the car. More specifically, what is the definition of a coupe versus a sedan with these 40s Chevys? I have heard a variety of opinions from guys on which is which and I am just trying to confirm or deny!

Also, is there a good website or other resource where a guy can really find some great background information and history on this and other 40s? Thanks alot in advance!

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I often see sedans mis-identified as coupes on Ebay and Craigslist. The hot rodders love coupes, so presumably they think if they call it a coupe it will bring a better price.

The 2-door sedan or "coach" body is shaped much like the 4-door with a longer roofline and more rear seat room than the coupe. It was a family car. The coupe has a shorter roof and longer trunk, more of an "occasional" rear seat sort of like today's 2+2. I believe the coupe had swing out rear windows (not sure), the sedan had roll-down rear windows. Some coupes (business coupes) had the rear seat deleted to make room for sales samples, etc. I did a search on the AACA gallery and didn't come up with a photo of the sedan, but this is a good photo of a 1941 coupe:

1941 Chevrolet Coupe - Photo taken at Mt. Morris VFD,Car Show on 9-10-2006. Mt. Morris, PA AACA PHOTO GALLERY

For a 2-door sedan photo we'll have to go to EBay, as much as I hate to:

Chevrolet: eBay Motors (item 250689185198 end time Sep-04-10 18:12:01 PDT)

The bodies are the same from 1941 through 1948.

In my opinion the best source for info on Chevies is the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America:

VCCA Chat - Forums powered by UBB.threads™

Good luck with your car. I think 1946 is a good year for Chevys.


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Guest Oldengineer

Three weeks ago, I purchased a 1948 Fleetmaster 2dr Town Sedan. Is yours the same body style? So far I've taken her to 4 local car shows, and, she attracts a lot of attention. There doesn't seem to be many 40's Chevys around my area.



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Guest Firstcityfireman

Hey Old, not sure on the similarity between the 46 and 48 models. I would have to check out some pictures to see how they both look. There aren't a lot of 40s in my area either, definitely a rarity to see them cruising around in any condition! I am probably going to sell mine (mixed feelings on it) due to having so many different projects and things going on.


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Oldengineer, You're correct. Chevy's changed very little from 1942 through 1948.

After the war the manufacturers just started up where they left off in 1942. No need (nor time) for new designs as the people were so desperate they would buy just about anything.

As far as Chevy's, the 1946 is difficult to tell from the 1942. Parking lights and trunk handle were the only obvious differences. The 1947 got an updated grille and trim. The 1948 was almost identical to the 1947 except for an added vertical bar in the grille. For the "big three" manufacturers 1949 was the year for all new designs.


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Guest 48Bomb DownUnder

Hi all

1942 differs from 1946 basically by way of Front Grille, Side Mouldings and Hood Badge.

1948 differs from 1947 by way of T-Piece on Grille, Thicker side beltline mouldings & Hood Badge.

Coupe is usually referred to a car with two doors. Chevrolet produced the Two-door Town Sedan (long roofline), the Two-Door 5 passenger coupe (bubble top style roof with a slanted B-Pillar) and the Fleetline Aerosedan (usually called a Fastback)

Hope this helps





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