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BCA member needs a ride in Lake Placid NY


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I recieved this message tonight and I am posting it here in case anyone can assist. I don't have a phone number yet to make contact but will post it once I do.

"Dear Mr. Defiore,

Greetings form the International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen, a library and archive in Watkins Glen, NY, as well as BCA member. I have a request that I hope you can help me with: I'm getting married this Saturday in Lake Placid, NY and we've suddenly found ourselves without a "deluxe" form of transportation from the site of the ceremony to the reception, and me having sold my '67 LeSabre last year. Although extremely short notice, would it be possible to locate (should any exist) BCA members in the Lake Placid area who might be available for a brief (less than and hour) ride this Saturday by way of a mailing list, etc.? Of course I'm happy to compensate.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance that you can offer!

Mark Steigerwald

Director, Archives & Administration"

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