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Help deciphering this number...

Guest Edwin Dixon

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Guest Edwin Dixon

My dad is restoring a 1951 Pontiac. We are unsure as to whther is is a Catalina, Chieftain or what. We do know it is a 2 door Hard top. a metal plate on the engine firewall has the following information. I am hoping someone will know defintiely whatt these numbers mean, AND whether is is a Cheiftain, Catalina, Streanliner, Deluxe, or whatever. Not trying to be ugly, but please don't "speculate".. We can do that.. I am looking for someone who can relay the "facts"... Thanks in advance..:)

Pontiac Motor Division

General Motors Corporation

Pontiac Michigan

Style No 51 25375D

Body No P.788

Trim No 73

Paint No 15


Body by FIsher 155

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No problem Edwin, here is the data:

51 2537SD 1951 Chieftain Catalina Coupe Super Deluxe

NOTE in these years Catalina was the name of the 2dr hardtop body style, there is likely no nameplate or anything

P 788 (P)ontiac MI Fisher Body Plant, the 788th Model 2537SD body built at that plant that year

Trim 73 Blue Bedford Cord and Ivory Leather interior

Paint 15 Malibu Ivory Body & Wheels, Sapphire Roof

Accessory BAGM BA means BAsic equipment group, generally meaning radio and heater with underseat heater. I do not know what GM is

This data all came from Pontiac Custom Safari 55 56 & 57 in the Master Parts Catalog section, a great site with lots of data you will find helpful. Good luck,

Todd C

POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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