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Backup lens for '67 Olds hearse

Guest ThunderPony

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Guest ThunderPony

I've had my 1967 Oldsmobile 98 hearse for ten years now. It only has one minor flaw: no lenses for the backup lights. One lens is missing, the other is broken. I'm wondering if anyone can help me locate some replacements, or if anyone has some knowledge of what other vehicles these lenses were used for.

Cotner Bevington (the hearse builder) did not use lenses from the standard 98 model. These are perfectly round, 2.5 inches in diameter. As for numbers, on the front is "B2Z-61" and on the back is a very small and difficult to read, "5955559-3." I'm not 100% sure on that second number, but I'm about 93.7% sure.

I hope the picture I included isn't to big and horrible. Thank you for any clues you may have to offer.


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