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1971 skylark ID #`s

Guest Tom P

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Guest Tom P

Hi,could anyone decifer the numbers code from the body by fisher tag on my skylark custom convertible that I just acquired: 1st line ST 71 44467FL1 191834BDY 2nd line TR 155 75A PNT 3#rd line 05B This # was directly under TR155 Also where is the motor id # located on a 71 350 cu.in.motor,can you possibly tell me as where to find this info A Thank You To all that reply with info for this auto

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ST71 - 1971 model year


44-Skylark Custom


191834-Fisher body number

TR 155-Pearl White notchback interior

75-Fire Red lower body color

A-White top

05B-Body built 2nd week of May

Engine serial number is on the driver side of the block, behind the steering pump.

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