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F/S 1898-1904,2-3 HP quadricycle,tricycle engine,USA made.See photos!

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Dear Friends: Greetings. I just traded some of my early stuff for this extremely rare circa 1898-1904, 2 to 3 HP engine. The cast iron ears built onto the cast iron crankcase makes it appear this was mounted on the back axle assembly of a motorized tricycle or quadricycle. As you well know,motorized trikes and quads built in the USA were and are extremely rare,and most were powered by French made De Dion Bouton or Aster engines,rather than ones made in the USA. This engine has no name or serial numbers on it.I researched thru many pre-1905 supplier catalogues and printed books and came up with no idea who made it. I do not believe it is off of a Canda quad. It is similar in shape and size to circa 1900 Steffey,Holley,E.R. Thomas,etc. engines,other than the unusual crankcase mounting ears. All in all it is in great shape. It needs one mounting ear reattached,and the edge of the screw in area on the head where the outlet valve pipe screws in is slightly cracked,and also needs welded.It has an atmospheric inlet valve,like most pre-1904 engines.It is also missing the timer,but I am sure one can be easily made when some engine guy will loan us one,as they are all pretty much the same,and simple in application.I have enclosed in the first photo in the attached email a page out of a January 1903 Dasey Parts. Co. catalogue,showing two of the many air cooled motors made by small companies in the USA before 1905. You will notice in the top illustration that this engine can be bought with either a cast iron or aluminum crankcase.Both metals were used by early engine builders. This would be a killer piece to attach to a circa 1900 adult tricycle,such as a Columbia and make your own historically correct motorized trike on the cheap! These trikes come up from time to time for around $1,000.If any of you have any idea who made this please let me know. Additional photos available by email. Price for the motor is $2,800,which includes crating and shipping any where in the USA,or to the USA port of departure for overseas buyers. Then the buyer pays overseas shipping. Good Luck,George Albright,Ocala,Fla. email: gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624<!-- google_ad_section_end -->











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Guest cben09

Watch for any info on Lowell Shops,,,they made blueprints,,castings,,finnished parts,,whole engines and a few all assembled,,,wow,,,The cam was different,,but not that you'd notice that,,,haha,,early,,,'00/ 01,,02 maybee,,,,,Ben

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