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1937 race,sprint,midget race car trailer.$950. Will deliver to Hershey

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Up for sale is a circa 1937 race car trailer I purchased out of Milwaukee, and had it brought to Fla. by a hauler, who goes back and forth between the two. He can take it back to Milwaukee, or along the way, for $350.00. The rims are shot and the trailer cannot be towed without new rims and tires. I have located locally a new set of six lug spoke rims for $50.00 each. I looked for a 1930s or 1940s race car sprint car midget racer trailer for over a year, to display with my 1930s sprints. The man who I got this from bought a 1937 sprint up in Wisconsin and this trailer was with it. He was told it was always with the car. This piece is easily restored to haul with and/or display. After I got it I realized that I didn't want to haul with an open trailer after all. I paid $950 for it,which is what I am selling it for. I was going to paint the trailer red, and the rims yellow or visa versa, and put white wall tires on it for that period look! Finally I was going to put stained and sealed wood strips on the trailer between the 2 drive on rails, so the floor under the car would not be open, and there was some place to store the drive on ramps onto. Notice the shelf on the right front is to stack two WWII gas cans on it, and strap them down. On the right rail at the back you can still see part of the word "Bethleham" cast into the rail which means the drive on rails were produced by Bethleham steel of Pa.! The overall length of the trailer is 180 inches. The length of the drive on rails is 120 inches. The drive on rails are 12 inches wide at the very back, narrowing down to 10 inches wide for most of the rails. From the outside of the drive on rail to the outside of the opposite drive on rail is 64 inches wide. From the center of the drive on rail to the center of the opposite drive on rail is 56 inches. As per the 6 lug wheel spindles, from the center of one lug stud over to the center of the next lug stud is 2 3/4 inches. The axle, spindles, trailer itself, etc. are all excellent. The trailer body just needs a light sandblasting. Model A or T Ford race car or sprint car based chassis and running gear/axles will fit on here both width wise and length wise. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

This trailer will be superb for showing and towing. It can stay at my home in Ocala, Fla. in outside storage for up to 60 days. Will help new owner find a hauler. Will deliver on top of another trailer to Hershey for free, However,you must meet me with a set of new wheels and tires for you to pull it,or another trailer we can set it on,as I said,the rims and tires are shot.Please share this with your vintage race car friends. Don't miss this one, as they are getting really hard to find! I know! George Albright - email gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352.843.1624












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