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model year question - 33 Dodge Sedan

Guest wix

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I own a 1933 Dodge Sedan that I want to put a different front suspension on. Wondering if a '33 Dodge sedan frame is the same as a '34 Dodge sedan frame. I bought the car with a Mustang II front end and no fenders, I now want to mount fenders but the existing front end is mounted a few inches too far forward to clear the fenders properly. I'm looking to replace the front end with a subframe setup to accept a Mustang II suspension. I found a subframe for a '34 but it doesn't list a '33. I wonder if they are the same. Any info in this regard is appreciated. Thanks.

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You are on the wrong forum to get helpful advice... The AACA is directed toward authentic restoration of vehicles. And what you are proposing is not restoration.

The 1933 Plymouth PD basically used a Dodge DP (6 cylinder) frame so I think I know what you have on your 1933 Dodge. Assuming that you don't have a straight 8 engine DO Dodge.

In 1934 Plymouth started off with a totally different frame and front end design by introducing a unequal A arm style independent front suspension for the PE and PF models. Looking at the Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942 it looks like Dodge used independent front suspension in 1934. So I'd guess that the 1934 Dodge frame is totally different than the 1933 Dodge frame too.

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