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ABS Sensor wire


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As mentioned earlier, the ABS wheel sensors themselves rarely go bad, it is just a coil of wire and a magnet. What goes bad is the long rubber cable to the sensor.

Something in Florida eats rubber. What happens to the ABS sensor is usually that the rubber outer sheath becomes hard, brittle, and flakes off exposing the inner wire braid. This flexes with the suspenion for a while then begins to break down exposing the twisted pair inside. Once one of these loses the insulation, the sensor shorts, fails, and the yellow light comes on.

I bought the black 'vert with an ABS light on and quickly found that it was the driver's front sensor. It had failed as above.

The recent post about liquid rubber sent me looking. It is apparently classed as a "hazardous material" (like glue) and shipping was 4x the cost of a can.

Fortunaely Orlando has two West Marine stores here and I was able to purchase locally.

Pulling the other three wheels (knew the one I replaced was good) and found damaged rubber on all. (see photo)

Have now applied West Marine's Liquid Electrical Tape to all ABS sesor cables and we will see what happens. At least the yellow light still goes out.


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Guest Richard D

Padgett, GC Electronics also makes the stuff. It comes in a bottle with a brush attached to the cap. All electronic supply houses have it, probably less $ than West Marine. If you need more and can't find an electronics supply I will be happy to send you a couple of bottles.



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Bought a couple of bottles and coated the three I did not replace. Also found a light for the RV I had been looking for. Thanks for the offer. Do think it is important that people check their abs cables for cracks and seal if found to protect the braid. At $90 ea for new ones, it is worth protecting.

Black car is responding nicely to some needed attention. Anyone have a nice grey standard driver's seat ?

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