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Were In Reno!

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1104 miles on the TC's today to get to Reno from SoCal, we left at 11 am and were here by 8:30 or so. No tickets and no unscheduled stops. 32 Valves all working nicely:cool: Good to see some old friends here, this is my 7th National, I'm practically a newbie compared to the plethorora of 15+ National Meets folks:o












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Guest ImperialNorth

Awesome photos, Like those wheels on the TC as well. What are they? I'll have to be content working on my TC while you are enjoying the meet. Hope veryone has a great time.


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Just got home (three days ago actually but I've been playing catch up), 2584 miles total (that's 1292 twicebiggrin.gif) waaay too much drivingredface.gif I thought Reno was like 400 miles from here, turns out it's 552. Neither TC had any trouble to speak of but the red one is puffing some oil smoke and used 3/4 of a quart over the trip so I think it's time to pull the head on that one and throw some guides (and maybe some tricks) at it.

I didn't get out the camera as much as I wanted to but our rally thru Virginia City and the Bucket O blood Saloon with the mine tour was near the top of the fun listthumb.gif Great little town, maybe I'll retire there somedaysmile.gif

As always, it's good to see old friends and make a few new ones too:) We ate too much and even drank too much once or twice;) Somehow I ended up a few bucks ahead after a couple nights of Blackjack in the Casino so maybe I'll be able to afford the flight to FLA for the eastern TC Nationals in a few months?:o









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BY the Way Imperial, the wheels are Motegi 15" dual bolt pattern, 5X100 (us) and 5X114 (rice maybe) and although I've only paid $377. with free shipping for each set, the only ones listed on EvilBay right now are asking $75 more than that a set:mad:15" motegi hyperblack sp10 5x100 5x4.5 : eBay Motors (item 140253573887 end time May-19-10 22:51:53 PDT)

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