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1950 Buick slipping / missing @ 50mph

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So check this out. Was driving this morning on the freeway about 55-60mph and it felt it hesitate for a second, then i let off the gas and then slowing accelerated and it acted like it was loosing power, and felt like the tranny way slipping and just not going. So I managed to baby her home and stop and get a new coil on the way home also.

Installed the new coil and took her for a spin, no problems at all....until tonight, I decided I better take her up to 50-60mph and she did it again...acted like the tranny was slipping and felt like it had a real heavy load, so I thought well maybe it could be as simple as a fuel filter. Sure enough my 1st filter in line is almost totally clogged!! Attached is a pic...(i will be changing that out tomorrow!)


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yea i think what I'm gonna do it keep changing the filter until all that crap is out of it. I changed the tank in my 52' chevy and that was a hassle..so we'll see how bad this filter gets. I drove around yesterday and so far its clean so maybe that was it. That one had been on there since November

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