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WTB: 1964 Riv. Pass. Mirror


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Hi. I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't have a computer.

He is looking for a very good quality, passenger side, manual exterior mirror for his 1964 Riviera. Does somebody have a good one for sale?

AND, do I recall correctly that the driver's side and passenger's side MANUAL exterior mirrors don't interchange? Thanks for any help! John in Wisconsin

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I have a manual Buick mirror that's in very good shape but the mirror glass needs to be replaced (broken). I would not be able to send you a picture until next weekend however due to travel.

He would also need to find a gasket (Clark's) and I'm not sure if I have the mounting bracket. The gasket is easy but a mount might be another issue.

It does not look the same as the remote mirror on the passenger side of my 63. Again, you would need a picture to see if this fits the need.

If he might be interested, let me know and I'll send a pic. It cost me 80 and I would sell for the same plus shipping.

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