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Questions re: 1935 Olds 4dr. 8 cyl. value

Guest Milkman_39

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Guest Milkman_39

I have recently discovered a barn gem. A 1935 Olds. 4 dr. with a straight 8 cyl engine (its huge !) under the hood. It was built in Oshawa, Ontario.

Is the straight 8 rare? The interior (seats and headboard) are absolutely intact, its a restoration dream. Body almost mint.. Original glass, etc.

I'm looking to figure out what this car is worth. Anyone help ?

What size of engine was the 8 cyl. ?

This car has been stored a long time, the government had no record of its existence since their records went electronic in 1975.

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Guest Milkman_39

I don't have pics. but I'm looking for an approximate value based on what info I've supplied.

The body is mint, on dent a the rear. Everything is there. Needs painting, tires and a windshield. Maybe re-chrome a few things but other than mechanical (??) its good to go. The car looks like it was drove into the barn 40 years ago and parked. If I was restoring a car, this is one hell of a good start...not much to do other than appearances and mechanical.

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Guest Oldstruck


We own a collection of 35 Olds all of which were made in Oshawa Ontario; a roadster, a coupe, parts car(s) a sedan and a pickup truck made from extra parts. Unfortunately it will never be worth what you put into it to restore or rod your car. Do it as a labour of love as you may be sorely disappointed if you are hoping to make a few bucks

Good luck with the project. If you need any parts or info drop me a line.


Oldstruck <label for="rb_iconid_7">icon7.gif</label>



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