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F/S 1899 De Dion Bouton motorcycle,tricycle,quadricycle engine. See photos.

George Albright

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Dear Friends: I just traded several of my early engines for the enclosed De Dion Bouton engine,serial # 12,237. According to the VCCGB registry,that would make the motor a 1899,and a 2 .25 HP. This engine was used on tricycles,quadricycles,and motorcycles.It would be historically correct to power any 1897-1905 motorcycle,or motorized bicycle.It has the rare accessory of a watercooled head,to compliment the aircooled jug,and raise the HP slightly. If you do not like the watercooled head,you can always get an original or repro. aircooled head from people like Austin Parkinson in the UK,and sell the watercooled head,as they are in much demand. Please see the last enclosed photo of the DDB powered engine with a watercooled head,on a 1900 Orient tricycle formerly owned by Reed Martin of Maryland. As I recall a 1900 2 3/4 HP engine has the same stroke,and 10 MM more bore,but I am not certain. This motor was brought in from Europe a decade ago by Arthur Spangar of Wisconsin,and according to him was fully rebuilt when he bought it. The photos bear that out.These are the only photos I have of it. I will have it in my possession in 2 weeks. Then upon request,I will send you some more detailed photos,and I will carefully examine it. I believe for a couple of hundered dollars I can DHL or Fed Ex or US Postal service it directly to an overseas buyer. Will ship for actual costs. Price for crating and shipping inside the USA is an additional $100. The price of the engine is $6,900. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers,George Albright email; gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624




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