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Brass Era Cone Clutch Question

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I have an IHC J 30 touring car that was restored in the late 1960's and have a question about the cone clutche. When it was restored the cone clutch was lined with brake lining rather than leather. The car appears to have been toured but then stored for a long time. Last fall I got it running and it was briefly driven. The clutch grabs making starting out and shifting quite jerky. Were it leather, I would put some leather oil on it. Does anyone else have a brass car with brake lining rather than leather and do you have any experience in the maintenance of such lining and driving with it. I hate to take the clutch out as it appears to require the moving back of both the transmission and rear end. I sure could use some advice. Tom Edfors, Lake Mills, WI. 920-648-3067 or email edfors@charter.net

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I suppose you could experiment with different types of oil. If something doesn't work, you could clean it off with brake cleaner spray.

Leather lining is best and will give you a smoother clutch. If you do decide to have the clutch relined in leather, I highly recommend Bob Knaak -- 714/633-9736. He did the clutch in my 1913 Studebaker. I sent him the clutch, waited about 10 days and then called to see if he had received it OK. He said yes, its already on its way back to you. He did a beautiful job on it. The whole assembly looked and worked like new.

The effort to remove the clutch for relining may be worth it to avoid braking something in the transmission or rear. Its always easier to prevent damage than repair damage.

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Thank you both for replying to my cone clutch question. Looks like I need to get out to the garage and try to get the rear end loose and slide the transmission back. A daunting task for me. I am a brass car lover but not a very good mechanic. I see, though, that a leather facing on the clutch is the way to go. Thank you again.

Tom Edfors

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