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1939-48 Chrysler lifters

Guest Classiccars

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Guest Classiccars

Hey Everyone,

I have a 1949 MoToRs repair manual that makes it sound like the valves need to be adjusted on all Chrysler Corp automobile engines from 1935-48. If these have hydraulic lifters, why would they need to be adjusted?

So my first question--my years of interest are 1938-48--do all Chrysler engines from this period have hydraulic lifters? Just about all cars did. Or was Chrysler a holdout?

Second question, if they are hydraulic, is it really necessary to check the adjustment of the valves from time to time?

Third question: The procedure in MoToRs for adjusting the valves on these engines says to remove the inner fender panel so you can remove the valve access panel. I assume that's because the intake and exhaust manifolds are in the way of the panel, and to get those off, they have to be slid out through the wheel opening. Has anyone had experience with this?


Ft. Worth, TX

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Hydraulic lifters were only used on the late 1950 Chrysler eights. All others had adjustable lifters. Yes the Rt. front tire has to be removed to gain access to remove the inner fender panel-10 minutes and then you can adjust the valves hot. Adjust them once and thats it! I always have done them with the engine shut off hot. They will be perfectly quiet on a good engine. Way too hot to do on a running engine-that big hot exhaust manifold will cook you out of there. Just the way I have done them for 30 years.


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