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tc odometer


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hi everyone! of course, mine is shot too and I could even replace the defective planetary gear....BUT...went to a junkyard and blew a 1989 lebaron apart, catching the complete odometer housing in free fall, taking it home...took it apart but did not find the exact replacement as stated in the 'do it yourself' fix your odometer guide..anyone has a hint which lebaron or chrysler I should torture on another junkyard? ( dont feel like paying $25 for a tiny piece of plastic...) the whole odometer cost me 5 bucks!

help greatly appreciated!

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Guest My TC Toy

If the one you obtained is not suitable, I guess that tiny piece of plastic may end up costing you $30. Go with the part, at least you KNOW that it will fix your problem, a replacement used cluster may still go south next month.

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Guest mtworkshop

So far I've fixed four of the faulty speedometers. Both LeBaron and TC. The little gear is the same and it is worth the $25 bucks to know how far I've gone since the last tank of gas or the last time I needed to fix something. Go for the new gear!


PS it gets easier each time you do a speedo.

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