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1989 Reatta (parts car?) in FL

Barney Eaton

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Attached is a message sent to me by a Reatta owner in Florida. The town of Sebastian is just north of Vero Beach on the Atlantic coast. It sounds like it can be purchased for scrap value.


My name is Jim Sanders and I live in Sebastian Florida . For about 4 or 5 years I have noticed a Maroon , Tan Leather Reatta just sitting next to a house in town . While having Breakfast at our local Burger King the owner of that car stopped to admire my 1990 White Blue interior Reatta and asked me if I knew of anyone she could get to tow it to a Junk yard . I told her no but that I would stop by to look at it and give the viv # for your data base just in case you did not have it .

The car is in terrible shape ! Has 280000 K Miles on it and water has been leaking into it . There are probably some useable parts but I do not know of anyone around here who does parting of our cars . The Paint is peeling , the interior is soaking wet , the tires are shot , the glass looked okay . I told her it was not probably worth advertizing it for sale . Too bad but she just left it in the elements too long .

The Vin # is , 1G4EC11C4KB901080 . You may allready have it , but if not you may want it . Her name is Vicki and her phone is 772 589 7737 .

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