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Buick and GM Memorabilia

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I have the following Buick, GM and other memorabila items for sale. Shipping is extra. Please post here or PM me about any items you want to purchase. Please refer to the item #, when you contact me. By the way, my list starts with Item #24. Thanks for looking. John in Wisconsin

Item #24- Original GM Polishing Cloth Tin for the 1940’s and 1950’s. Very good condition, no dents and very colorful. Excellent display item with your old Buick or on a shelf. $28

Item #25- Large “Official Big Swapper” Pinback button. From the 1973 AACA Fall Hershey Swap Meet. Pretty good condition, with nice patina. A nifty collectible, or fun to wear at Hershey this year. $9

Item #28- Buick Dealer Salesman’s Award Desk Set. This is one I haven’t seen before. From the 1960’s. Has the 60’s detailed tri-shield logo on both sides. Includes a letter opener, scissors, and magnifying glass. Black, with gold trim. A few marks here and there…but still a very interesting, unique Buick dealer item. $40

Item #30- SINCLAIR Gas Station Display DINO. This is the biggest inflatable DINO that was made for use at Sinclair stations. It measures 45” long x 22” high. Has a built-in tab for display hanging. There is a small stain (a few inches long, haven’t tried to remove it) on Dino’s left rear leg. Otherwise, our friendly, green pal is in excellent condition. $35

Item #32- Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Bank. Here is a blast from the past. A genuine Oscar Meyer promotional model of the famous Wienermobile. Never played with…always a display item. Excellent condition. $40

Item #33- One of only 300 of this design made to sell at the 100th Anniversary of Buick BCA meet in Flint in 2003. All 300 sold out at the meet. This is a high quality, single-sided “Buick Sales & Service" that replicates a Buick dealer sign from the late 1940’s to mid-1950’s. 17" high x 27" wide. Priced at $175, plus shipping.

Item #35- GM Goodwrench service special sign. $19.99 oil change. This is an original Buick dealer sign from around 2000. It is metal, two-sided, and in very good condition. 18" x 28". $40, plus shipping.

Item #37- Faux BUICK Straw Hat, souvenir of the 1978 Buick 75th Anniversary Celebration. This straw hat was used by tour leaders at the various plant open house tours during Buick’s 75th anniversary week. Plastic, with comfortable, inner liner head band, and elastic chin band. Excellent condition. $25











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