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1955 Olds wiper arm removal


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Thanks Dave. I've seen various tools online that claim to be made for this application. That is kind of what I'm trying to figure out. Is this a removal job (like many others) that require a specialized tool for correct and safe removal or is there an alternative method?

I'll gladly purchase a tool, I just want to be sure that 1 week later I don't see a post that says, "...Gee, all you needed to do was take a paper clip and bend it into the shape of the Eiffel Tower, then take a brake spoon and an ace of spades....." You know what I mean? Chicago winters last 'til June; I have plenty of time to do it right.

Thanks again,


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Well, I can tell you this: You may simply pry the arm off with a screwdriver. I have done so on occasion. However, the results are you are most certainly going to leave evidence of having done so; i.e., damage.

I would invest in the proper tool to avoid having to do paint touchup. Have you checked at the local auto stores. I would think K-D tools or other suppliers make a univervsal wiper arm removal tool that may be acquired at a reasonable cost?

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