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Manifold Coatings


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Looking for some input on exhaust manifold coatings. I've got a rough, deeply pocked manifold which I have been unable to find a replacement for. Does anyone have experience with a company able to repair and coat these. I need someone with good references as I'm a bit protective of this one.

Please let me know of your good and bad stories.


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Guest philipswanson

I have come to the conclusion that the only way to fix deeply pitted manifolds is to arc weld using a cast iron 1/8 inch rod and grind a little at a time. One manifold will take about 40 hours. Then a coarse sandblast and a final coating or POR 15 paint. Don't bother unless the manifold is worth more than $750 or there are none to be had and you have lotsa free time and a fully equipped shop. It would be prohibitive to pay someone else to do it. Aluminum coatings are no good because aluminum doesn't stick to cast iron over time and with the heat related expansion and contraction. Aluminum and cast iron expand and contract at much different rates. Brass (Brazing) is no good if you are going to coat it because the coating process will melt the brass and you will get a helluva mess. Porcelin coatings are fine but way too thin to hide pits. IMHO. Phil Swanson

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