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Parade Boot

D Binger

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It has nothing to do with footwear. smile.gif" border="0<P>'37 ~ A parade boot is a metal or fibreglass cover to fit over a folded convertible top instead of the usual canvas or vinyl boots furnished with most convertibles. The first one I ever saw was on the '53 Cadillac ElDorado and they were available for many years on higher priced converts. <P>I believe that they were an extra cost accessory on most cars but may have been standard on the '53 Eldo and some other Cadillacs. I had a '73 Buick Centurion Conv. that came with one, but a '69 Cadillac DeVille Conv. that came with a vinyl boot.<P>The purpose of a parade boot was to provide a firm seat for the pretty girls to ride on in a parade without pressing down into the folded soft top. Also dignitaries sat on them, but often received less attention than the girls.<P>A soft bottom on a soft top could lead to an uncomfortable sinking feeling, shocked.gif" border="0 so they made "parade boots" <P>Dan ~ I doubt that there was ever a parade boot made for a '50 Chevy or any production car prior to '53 for that matter.<BR>~ hvs

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Perhaps 1937hd45 means that our Eldorado looks like a submarine? mad.gif" border="0wink.gif" border="0 Hope not...<BR>Well, boot (english) means in German "Stiefel" but can also mean "Kofferraum" (trunk) after the dictionary but I know just "Stiefel". Correct is "der Stiefel". <BR>By the way: The movie "Das Boot" (the boat) is a good movie. I have the long version on video tape. 6 hours. <P>Tom

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