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'65-'66 Electra fender skirts interchange?

AK Buickman

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I have a couple of NOS rear fender skirts that I can visually identify as fitting either a '65 or '66 Electra. There are no part numbers visible.

My Buick Master Parts book shows two different part numbers for '65 and '66 if I am reading it correctly. Is there a difference between the fender skirts on a '65 Electra and a '66 Electra?

Gary Klecka

BCA #1955

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Guest 64e225

I'm gonna say NO. I think they are different shapes.

There was a '65 convertible floating around the ebaY circuit, months back with a '66 nose and fender skirts. It didn't look right. haha. Here's a few pictures of '65 vs '66



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Guest 64e225

I failed to mention that i don't have a definitive answer without measuring

I do have a friend with a '65 and '66 sitting right next to each other. If I get over to measure, I can let you know

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