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old seat measure?

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I have come across what appears to be a yardstick-like tool which must have been issued to Ford dealers. It looks like a yardstick, but has an attached piece which swings out and makes the yardstick 57". The verbage printed on the stick refers to an expanded seat size. It has Ford Motor Co Dealer printed on it as well as the info on the seat size. Any ideas on its age and value?

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These were made for a wide variety of cars and were give-aways in the dealerships. Also useful so a salesman could show you how wide the seats were. I've got one for Hudson and have seen others for different cars. If in good condition, and considering it's a Ford item, it could be worth $25 - $40. You'll see quite a variety of these things at the Hershey swap meet. Remember one of my rules of collecting - three of anything is a collection - two is only a pair. So-get out there and find two more and you'll be well on your way.


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