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Question about brake line fitting hole size

Guest Kitskaboodle

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Guest Kitskaboodle

The ABS/Hydraulic pump unit was replaced before on my 90

by a previous mechanic. As you can see from the pic, he messed up

the middle brake line so he had to "splice in" a section of tubing.

You can see part of the brass fitting in the pic.

Anyways, you can also see in the pic that the brake line hole size for

the middle line is quite a bit smaller in diameter. For those who have

done this job before....is this the correct size?? I'm hoping my previous

mechanic did not use the wrong sized brake line for the splice job he did.

Your input?


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Guest simplyconnected

He used 3/16" but I wouldn't take issue with that... Look at the end of his flare! The hole is all closed up. I would be suspicious of the other end, too.

Take the line off at the connector, bring it to your bench, and drill the openings. Then wash it out good, using brake fluid or alcohol.

Hope this helps. - Dave

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