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Thunderbird and Mustang large scale promos

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Just in case you guys are not familiar with the powercar products of Mystic CT


They made Thunderbird Juniors from 1955-66 changing the body style each year to match the full size cars


They were used by dealers to attract in customers off the street so the salesmen could sell full size cars. Normally with the kids dragging mom and dad in the door so they could get a test drive in one.


They also made Mercury juniors in 1957 and 58

Junior Central Main page is my website if you want to learn more

I have the factory body molds for the 57, 58-60 Thunderbirds and the 65-66 Mustang. there are also reproduction frames available if someone wants to build one. Also check youtube for videos

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HEY!!! Where can I get one of these beauties! Honestly, reminds me of my first Mustang, a 1966 white, black with at 3 speed! Thought I was a cool16 year old chick! Are these being reproduced, or you just luck into one at a

yard sale, auction...Sure was great to see..

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Finding an original is not an easy task but yes they have been found at yard sales and auctions and at least one was put on the curb as trash when it was rescued. The company went out of business in 1967 and they did not make many to start with so they are far from common.

I have the original factory body molds for the 65-66 Mustang along with making most of the other parts that can not be purchased from other vendors so a 66 Mustang can be recreated. Replacement frames have recently become available so that was a big hurdle in being able to make one again.

I also have the factory body molds for the 57 Thunderbird and the 58-60 Thunderbird.

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If you want to see a 1966 Junior get built you can follow the blog that the Vintage Mustang club of Colorado is doing. They are building a full size 66 convertible that will be raffled for charity and a Junior that will be second prize in the contest.

Junior Mustang build blog


Here is what one of my bodies from the original molds looks like before any prep or finish work.

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