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  1. I am restoring my car and need good floor pans. I do not need the trunk or anything else just the floors. I believe that 1953 and 1954 Plymouth and Dodge cars used the same floors so either will work. Did the barn fall on grandpas old car and you just can't bear to see it crushed? I can grant it a second life. got one turned upside down in a ditch so that it rotted on top instead of the bottom? Thanks!
  2. Need good floors for my 1956 Desoto Australian built UTE. Would like to find one in the Kansas area where the car is being restored. Do not need anything other than floors and rockers so the rest of the car can be stripped or wrecked. Do not even need a trunk.
  3. Yes they did a lot of things overseas that seem very foriegn to us here! Desoto Sweptside! Australian built Plymouth UTE passenger car based truck Desoto Truck. Just a badge engineered Dodge but I would still like to have one. Yes they even made diesel powered Desoto Diplomats in some markets If you think they stopped making Desoto's in 1961 think again! 1962 African built DoSoto they also made them in 1963-4 1971 Turkish production. and they are still making them today. I could continue for a while but some people have dial up!
  4. <span style="font-weight: bold">Pontiac59 stated</span> <span style="font-style: italic">It's a Canadian unit and reads in KPH, check with the boys over to www.forwardlook.net , they do turn up now and then.</span> Not all Canadian markets were metric then! My 1956 Australian Plymouth and Desoto are both MPH not KPH and they did not go metric in Australia until the 60s.The speedo could have been european or south American production? <span style="font-style: italic">As to there being no factory Hemi Plymouths, they didn't build them that way, but back then if
  5. 200 KPH (Kilometers per hour) is 124 MPH. The Fury series did use a 150 MPH speedo unlike the standard speedo that was 120 MPH. Someone has an export car? or an Export model speedo in a American production car. Also I will assume that the Hemi statement was not about this car in particular? As Plymouth did not get a hemi till 1964. However there are a number of 1957-58 Plymouth Fury convertibles that someone in Minnesota has made and told people that they were special ordered cars! Double lie since Fury converts did not come out till 1959 and they sure did ot have Hemis! I specialize in forwa
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