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  1. I am restoring my car and need good floor pans. I do not need the trunk or anything else just the floors. I believe that 1953 and 1954 Plymouth and Dodge cars used the same floors so either will work. Did the barn fall on grandpas old car and you just can't bear to see it crushed? I can grant it a second life. got one turned upside down in a ditch so that it rotted on top instead of the bottom? Thanks!
  2. Need good floors for my 1956 Desoto Australian built UTE. Would like to find one in the Kansas area where the car is being restored. Do not need anything other than floors and rockers so the rest of the car can be stripped or wrecked. Do not even need a trunk.
  3. Gray, the aristocrat of small cars Obsolete, orphan car company from Detroit. So rare I can not even get someone to tell me what year the brochure is. http://www.ebay.com/itm/292185032793
  4. Thought someone here might be interested in this. Have a Town and Country? http://www.ebay.com/itm/291643301532
  5. Evidently no body knows what year it is? I will be putting it on Ebay for sale soon.
  6. Had a full set of NOS but have lost one so I need a new piece for on the front fender right side.
  7. Looking for a nice original 1953 Plymouth rear bumper, do not need bumper guards or mount brackets. Lookingfor one that is not rusted or bent to send in to get replated. restoring my Desoto UTE and my original bumper is rusted and damgaed.
  8. I have this brochure but have no Idea what year it is.
  9. Found this today ad trying to find out what year it is. I have found they made the cars from 1922-26 in Detroit but can not place the exact year for this piece.
  10. I recently found the original factory mold for the XK120 go kart made back in the early 50s in Portland OR. They were made by the American JR aircraft company a maker of tethered aircraft. Originals were gas or electric powered. http://youtu.be/dkp3gQBXS3w VIdeo of the mold with some vintage shots
  11. My car defiantly looks great in the commercial. It is made for adults, I had to adapt the gas and brake pedals back 12 inches so the boy could drive it
  12. Very proud and a very good commercial. I took my Mustang JR to Chicago a couple months ago and spent a day with the production company shooting video along with a prototype 2015 Mustang and a 67 Full size Mustang. Here is the final result. http://youtu.be/TTyyLvF8WYE My car is getting famous. too bad they are so rare that very few people know what they are or that they ever even existed.
  13. SO very proud and wanted to share! I own the 1966 (dressed as a 65 for the commercial) Mustang go kart that is an original factory sponsored promotional tool made for the dealers to use in sales promotions. Mustang JR cars are very rare and were available in electric or gas powered versions, mine is gas powered! http://youtu.be/TTyyLvF8WYE
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