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1947 Buick Engine Swap

Guest Richard Moore

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Guest Richard Moore

I have two buick Supers,a 1947 and a 1948.Between the two,I plan to assemble one nice restoration.I had planed on using the 47 because it has new glass and better operating doors as well as new brakes.It has a tranny but no engine.The 48 has a good engine but a bit rough otherwise.my thinking was the easiest thing to do was to put the engine in the 47.I can slightly alter the chasis to accept the 48 front motor mounts.The problem is the tranny mounts.Do I put the cross member from the 48 trans. mount on the 47 or simply mount the 47 trans to the 48 engine. The other choice is to take the best of the 47,put it on the 48.This leaves me no engine/trans problems.Any imput would be appreciated. Thi is my first restoration project.

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