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photo from 1911

Guest weaving

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Guest Casper Friedrich

What about a British Star from ca. 1904, made in Wolverhamton? Two-cylinder engine and of course chain-drive as P4. At least some found their way to your country. There was even one example that survived and was restored sometimes in the 60s, I think. I also will remember that it was put on display at Skokloster Motor museum, but I haven’t seen it in person.

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Here’s some information about the manufacturer:

Star Cars

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Hi Folks,

Like Casper I also thought it was a Star because of the round thing with bolts just below the rad, slightly to one side, off centre on the centre photo (skanna0002.jpg). I had noted these on the "Little Star" of cca 1904/5 but did not know what it was. So I contacted our Star experts who agree that it is indeed a Little Star and that the circular projection below the radiator is the ‘make and break’ contact housing for the ignition. They also confirm that the year is a bit later. It looks like 1904 but almost certainly is later, as it appears to have the later front dumb-irons and the later stamped emblem arrangement on the hub nut. The shape of the earlier hub nut is domed and not flat. It could well be the one which exists as it was when new. A 1906/7 car in good order was known to have been in Sweden for many years, and had apparently been offered for sale. It could now be in Holland.


Vintman (UK)

Classic Cars, Veteran Cars and Vintage Cars - The Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society

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