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30-40 Lens Free!!

Bill Harmatuk

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What is the diameter of the lense? I think the 36 has a 7" diameter. And although recalling from memory on my car (do not have it handy to look at), this lense doesn't quite look "bulged" enough. The headlight pod and lense follow the same curvature. This almost looks like it could be the lense for my brother's 34 Chevy. How much would shipping be to Abingdon, VA 24212? Thanks!

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The diameter is 8 3/4.

It is about 1 inch off the table, laying flat. The curvature.

I found the lens in an old barn and it said Chevrolet on it so it was a keeper.

Just tired of pushing it around so I thought I would give it to some one before it gets broken or thrown away.

The shipping can't be that much. I'm going to pack it myself to make sure it gets there in one piece.

Bill H

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I also forgot--the 36 as a flat spot (about 2") on the bottom of the lense. So it isn't perfecty circular as installed in the headlight bucket (the protruding exterior through the ring is circular). This is definetly not 36 or later.

If you give your PM I'll send you my shipping address and you can let me know the shipping costs. It is for an earlier 30's Chevrolet, but later than the flat lenses of 30-31. I'll take a chance that is for a 34. My email is jrudy@vhcc.edu. Thanks!

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