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Another transmission question

Guest low'n slow

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Guest low'n slow

I found a transmission at a local wrecking yard. It has the nailhead bellhousing. The tag on the side says 553 and BN-64-37000.

The yard had written 1964 Buick on it. It did not have a torque converter and they gave me one from a turbo 400.

Is this a switch pitch? How would I be able to tell. Does any torque converter work if it is a switch pitch?

Thanks for your patience.


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The 64 on the tag indicates it came from a 1964, The BN code indicates it came from a console shifted 425 (in '65, the BN code was for a 3.07 rear axle, Buick is pretty consistent with these kinds of numbers, so I would imagine that the same would be true for '64.)

It is NOT a switch pitch trans and requires the conventional torque converter - TH400. The easiest way to tell a switch pitch trans from a conventional trans is by the sending unit on the driver's side of the transmission. Switch pitch transmissions have two male connectors on them; conventional transmissions have only one, it's for the kick down feature.

If it were a switch pitch, it would require a switch pitch converter.


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Guest low'n slow

I knew you would have the answer. It has one male connection, so I'm good to go. It has been sitting for several years so I assume it will need to be gone through.

I know what I will be doing this weekend.


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