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Battling Heat & Gutting an Air Box

Guest Road mister

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Guest Road mister

Q 1. Now that summer is at its hottest here in FLA. Avg. 95* in the shade, the Reatta was climbing to a high of 220* while stopped in traffic.

A New 180* thermostat brought it down to a 192* regular driving and moderate traffic and high of 203* when stuck at long light or something.

What is the Norm?

Q 2. I intend to keep the car as factory as possible, however I do feel the Air filter technology has improved since 89", and without endorsing a brand I will be upgrading as I did in my truck, and It made a difference I can feel.

I am interested in this Air Box Gutting,

Does it help? What about the Sensor?

Best Technique?



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Guest CL_Reatta

Fist off, yes those temperatures are normal for a reatta, maybe time you might notice it will be one bar from the red. Second, what do you mean by "air-box gutting" there is nothing the the airbox except the air filter, (and BTW, there have been dyno tests on K&N filters that showd no HP improvement) but there is nothing to "gut" out oft he airbox

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