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1909 Maxwell engine problems

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I have volunteered to help an elderly gentleman get his 1909 Maxwell running. We have found out that the time gear has a three inch section broken out and the center is split. Has anyone else had this problem. How can I remove the pieces which have fallen in the crankcase? Is there a paper gasket between the cam case and block or is it cork. Right now there is nothing and it is spewing oil all over the place.

It appears that I have to remove the cam lobes and the timing gear from the shaft to replace the timing gear. They are pinned on and I would like suggestions on removing the pins. What is the level of oil required in the pan to start up the engine. By the way this is a 2 cyc. engine. This was taken apart but another gentleman who then handled it off to me. The individual has joined the HCCA and we are now trying to help him. I posted this in the Maxwell forum and received some excellent information but need more.

Thanks for your help




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